Beaman nears funding goal for new city sign

The proposed new digital sign that will be seen from the post office in Beaman. (Photo courtesy of Brenda Heitmeyer)

Out with the old, and in with the new.


After decades with an analog sign that required sliding letters, the city of Beaman is close to reaching its $21,500 fundraising goal for a digital replacement that can be updated from city hall and scroll through multiple upcoming events. According to committee leaders Brenda Heitmeyer and Debbie Ashton, the push for the new sign got rolling with a $4,000 Grundy County Foundation grant.


“It’s not like you want to do whatever Joe does, but it seems like that’s the thing with all the communities (that) are getting those kind of signs,” Ashton said.


Since the initial grant, the Beaman Betterment Club committed $5,000, and as of Tuesday morning, total fundraising had surpassed $19,000 with the help of private citizens and local businesses. Ashton and Heitmeyer sent out a mailer to everyone with a Beaman address, and they’ve received a strong response thus far.


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