Conrad council considers food truck ordinance

Food trucks are the latest culinary craze in urban areas across the country, and they could be making their way to Conrad if the city council eventually agrees to adopt an ordinance discussed at last Thursday night’s regular meeting.


Maria’s Tacos of Marshalltown brought a truck to town last summer with the understanding that the owners would later open a brick and mortar location on Main Street in half of the old Carol’s building, but they have since backed out, once again leaving Conrad without a true restaurant for breakfast and lunch. While city officials and members of the Community Development Committee (CDC) have worked hard to bring another eatery to fill the void left when Carol’s closed in 2014, it hasn’t been an easy task.


“I see the need to have more diversity. I don’t think it hurts,” Councilman Brad Murty said. “It’s tough to get a restaurant in town, and the history has not been very successful.”


Blaine’s on Main, which was originally slated to occupy the other half of the old Carol’s facility, is still planning to open at a new location on Main Street, but a definitive timeline on that process has not been established. Council members and Mayor Jeff Martin agreed that if food trucks are allowed, they need to pay some form of tax to the city. 


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