GC council hears presentation on security cameras

With ongoing concerns and discussion about misuse of the city tree dump, where many people improperly dump trash and other items, the Grundy Center City Council is looking into security camera options that could help curtail the problem.



At their meeting on Monday night, council members heard a presentation from Tyson Albright of Tyson Communications and T&T Computers on how solar powered security cameras could potentially solve the issue.



Back in June, Albright installed a set of cameras at the tree dump site as a test to see if the cameras would help curb any of the issues there. 



“The first day when I was there setting it up, I bet I counted 67 cars that stopped,” he said. “And that was just in 4 or 5 hours. It blows my mind how many cars there were going in and out, and that was on a weekday in the middle of the day. So, it makes sense why you need [security cameras], not only to prevent people dumping things they shouldn’t, but also liability with everything that comes in and out of there all the time.”



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