Letter to the editor

After reading the article on the 12 billion dollar bailout that will turn farmers into the new welfare queens, these thoughts ran through my head. 


1. One of the variables in crop production is the land charge. In my 50 plus years of farming, I attended many land and cash rent auctions where the price went far beyond my concept of safe risk. If a farmer misjudges his production costs and finds himself in a financial bind, I offer "thoughts and prayers.” The government offers federal crop insurance to cover production costs, and the producer pays less than half of the premiums. We the public pay the balance. 


2. The article mentioned corn near $8 seven years ago. I wonder who was President back then? 


3. Trump, with four bankruptcies, five military draft deferments for a bone spur that he can’t remember which foot it was on, plus a total disrespect for women, with a cabinet where positions were filled by money contributed rather than qualifications, vowed to destroy trade and military agreements. He has done it well. 


4. Flint, Michigan, still has a polluted water supply, and Puerto Rico still has no electricity in some areas. Divided immigrant families, homeless veterans and rising medical costs all present more need for funds than farmers who made bad business decisions.  The 12 Billion dollar bailout is clearly, in my opinion, an attempt to buy votes for future elections. 


5. Legislation is being held up because he has figured out that Mexico will not pay for the wall.  I suggest the people who want the wall start a Gofundme for it, and they can put their money where their mouth is.