Letter to the editor

The Grundy Gossip group

Grundy Center can be a very nice place to have your home. The good people of the area help make it that way. It seems that about 95% of the area residents are content in minding their own business; but there are also those who aren’t.

I was reminded of this Monday morning, August 6, after a night of considerable rain. The usual nosy drive-bys were out in force, one after another, hoping to see that Minnehaha Creek may have gone out of banks, or whatever it is that compels them to rush to this area after every significant rain event. 

Only seven occupied homes are in this area; there was enough traffic Monday morning to occupy several dozen. One of the regular drive-bys is thoughtful enough to pick up their elderly mother before they take the tour, and it’s always nice to see her peeking out of the back-seat window of their car. We have learned that a nearby resident keeps out-of-town relatives informed of the condition of the creek, and they make the 75-mile trip to Grundy if there’s something worth their attention.

To the people of Grundy Center who mind their own business and have a genuine purpose in life, thank you and carry on! To those who just can’t seem to find a purpose other than snooping, grow up!