Letter to the editor

The Jill Fiscus Strength Training Center Committee at the BCLUW School District has decided to make some changes with times that the public will be allowed to use the facility free of charge. The committee consists of Mr. Petty, the superintendent, Mrs. Kell, the high school principal and other employees of the BCLUW school district. Due to this announcement of changes, several people through conversations and emails have expressed how they feel it is not right for times of public use to be decreased.


We feel this letter is needed to explain that this facility was never intended for public usage in the first place. Our daughter Jill passed away on January 10, 2003. About two months later we approached Mr. Mike Ashton, BCLUW superintendent at that time, and asked him if we donated money could a strength center be looked into for the school with Jill’s name on the building. We wanted it to be a part of the school and the school’s property and used by the students at BCLUW. The money we donated, with money from the Catherine Farmer estate, was used to build the building. No tax dollars were used, and no community ownership was intended. Fundraising and further donations from our family, friends and community members were obtained to further equip and finish the project.


We are excited to hear of changes being made for the students in the usage of the center. Jill never wanted any student to forget the bodies that they were blessed with and to use them, get them strong and keep them strong.


We feel the school has been more then generous allowing the adults to use the facility for free for so many years. The committee has discussed continuing evening times for public use that do not interfere with planned physical education classes and sports teams use of the center.


We are frustrated hearing the complaints of lack of times available for the public. We would appreciate a thank you given to Mr. Petty and the committee for any time even given free of charge for the usage of the center. They do not have to offer any times at all. It is not a community strength-training center.