Remembering Brock: Niebuhr reflects on the life of her late husband and the pain of his absence

From left to right, Brock, Lauren and Amella Niebuhr of Dike share a candid moment together. Brock died from a gunshot wound in March, and his father has been charged in connection with his death. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Niebuhr)

There are no easy days for Lauren Niebuhr. She can fight it for a minute, two, maybe even five, but before long, she’s thinking of him again.


“I’m constantly thinking about it. I constantly replay what happened in my head with the information I have. It’s difficult,” she said last week. “I think about if there was anything I would’ve said


Lauren’s husband Brock died under bizarre circumstances on March 22, and his father Daniel is awaiting a trial on charges that he murdered his son while he was sitting on a couch at Daniel’s residence in Fairbank. She had her doubts about whether he should visit his father amidst concerns about his mental state, but Brock—selfless to the end—wanted to help.


In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy and the chaos of the legal proceedings, Lauren, who still lives in the Dike home where she and Brock were raising their daughter Amella, never got a chance to talk about the kind of man he was.


“Brock was a family man. He loved his family more than anything, and his friends. His friends were like his family,” Lauren said. 


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