Scoreboard, track resurfacing among summer projects at BCLUW

A design of the new BCLUW scoreboard set to be installed in the high school gym. (Courtesy of Ben Petty)

The BCLUW school district is receiving some much-needed facilities updates this summer, and Superintendent Ben Petty recently met with The Grundy Register to explain what’s new on Friday morning.


Perhaps the most noticeable change will come in the high school gym, where the north and south scoreboards are both being replaced at a cost of $24,835. The track will also be resurfaced at a total cost of $41,000, and B and G is replacing the HVAC unit in the gym for $86,500.


“A lot of the big projects aren’t very noticeable—they’re not very visual, I should say—(but) they should be noticeable as far as better climate control goes,” Petty said in reference to the HVAC project. “It’s definitely time, and it’ll be a nice way to even better control our climate at the gym… I think folks that have spent a lot of time in there will notice a difference.”


The track resurfacing was set to begin this week, and the HVAC unit will provide more specific climate control—the old one, according to Petty—was around 50 years old and was “basically either on or off.” 


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