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Lydia Revier
Rhonda James
The Grundy Register

GRUNDY CENTER - Lydia Revier is the new in-house graphic designer at the Grundy Register.

Revier, a Wartburg College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and international relations, will handle design, formatting and pagination at the Grundy Center office.

“I get to design ads, work with the typography of the newspaper and fit together the puzzle pieces that are the individual stories and pages of a paper,” Revier said.

She hopes to eventually take on extra projects, including visitor guides and digital rosters among some of Mid-America Publishing Corporation’s many graphic design services.

“We’re excited to have Lydia on board as an in-house graphic designer for the Grundy Register,” said Grundy Register Sports Editor and Interim News Editor Jake Ryder, who is also the publisher of the nearby Parkersburg Eclipse News-Review. “She’s already shown a zeal for creative design here in Grundy Center and we look forward to seeing how that translates as we strive for growth in the weeks, months and years to come.”

Revier is originally from Owatonna, Minnesota, the eldest of three children. The family’s prima donna weiner dog, Lincoln, is still considered hers even though she now resides in another state. Currently Revier lives in Waterloo with her boyfriend, who works as a broadcast engineer and Patches, “the most cuddly feline in the world.”

While at Wartburg, she gained experience in media design while dabbling in freelance work, including branding, layout design and commissions for fantasy world maps.

Her hobbies include cooking, sewing, handcrafts and video games. Revier is particularly fascinated by sewing and handcrafts in a historical context.

“It is very interesting to look at items we take for granted in terms of how they developed,” Revier said. “For example there are styles of pleats and methods for strong seams that have disappeared from modern clothing, simply because they can not be done by machine.”

When the weather is nice, she enjoys walking, caring for plants and having fun weekend adventures, including plans for some summer camping.

Revier’s creative nature shows through as she likes to see what crazy colors she can make her hair without bleach. She’s been going around the follicle rainbow since November of 2020 starting with purple and is now on the tail end of green.

Her hire has generated a lot of excitement amongst Grundy Register staff, and the community will likely see the benefits of having an in-house designer starting with this week’s newspaper, the first full edition from Revier.

“I’m liking it a lot so far,” Revier said. “I’m enjoying the team. The design challenges keep me engaged. … The life I have right now is what I have been aiming for, and I don’t plan on changing much as long as I feel fulfilled and challenged.”


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