BCLUW drama department prepares spring double feature

The cast of "12 Angry Jurors," one of the two shows that the BCLUW drama department will present this weekend.

Those who attend this year’s spring production from the BCLUW drama department are in for a special treat: they’ll get to see a comedy, the one act “The Audition,” and the courtroom drama “12 Angry Jurors.” Some of the cast members and director Jackie Stevens caught up with The Grundy Register after practice on Sunday to discuss this year’s show.


“My original thought was I was only going to do “12 Angry Jurors,” but I had enough talented people that I felt like I needed to add an additional piece,” Stevens said.


“The Audition” follows a well-prepared and businesslike stage manager (Summer Kramer) who ends up with a hilarious and ridiculous bunch of actors trying out for her play, while “12 Angry Jurors,” (based on the Emmy-winning television movie “Twelve Angry Men”) chronicles a trial in which the defendant, a 19-year-old man from a low social class, is accused of murdering his father. As the title suggests, the play centers around the struggle that the jury faces in reaching a conclusion and revealing plenty of information about the individual members in the process. Juror number four (Storm Wiseman) and juror number eight (Olivia Macy) play exact counterparts.


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