Kaden's Kloset helps equip local foster and adoptive families

Kristle Davis started Kaden's Kloset as a way to provide resources and assistance for foster and adoptive families in Grundy County and the surrounding area. (Michaela Kendall/The Grundy Register photo)

GRUNDY COUNTY – Growing up as a foster child herself, Kristle Davis knows firsthand the need that not only foster children, but foster families, have for resources and support, particularly clothing – and this is what led her to start Kaden’s Kloset.

“Foster kids pretty much come with nothing, and that burden falls on the foster family or the adoptive family to bridge that gap and fill those needs,” Davis said. “I myself was adopted out of foster care as a teenager, and going into my adoptive parents’ home, I had two black garbage bags and that was all of my belongings.”

Davis said that from early on, she was aware of the need for more support and resources for families taking on an extra child through foster care or adoption, but it wasn’t until later on that she brought that idea to life.

To hear more about Kaden's Kloset, check out the full story in the March 17 edition of The Grundy Register!