Letter to the editor

Rob, I can’t believe you wrote an editorial that says “Does anyone care?”


You are living in the number one state in our great country, and you wonder if anyone cares. I’m really sorry about that. We have so many good things going on and so many great people doing so much. I farmed for many years but also worked as treasurer in Marshall County for 24 years and supervisor for four years. There are many good people in government. I ran as a Republican and worked with many on the state level, and there are many good people on both sides of the aisle. They are just like our communities that they all come from. There are no perfect ones but many good ones.


I worked with our governor when she treasurer in Clarke County. She was an excellent treasurer and great leader, as she is now. If you like paying your taxes online, then you like the forward thinking that she does. She was part of the committee that put that together. She loves Iowa and the people in our state. I care, and I’m very proud of our state. I hope you are too.