Letter to the editor

Within the next couple of weeks the Grundy County Board of Supervisors will be will be considering the rezoning of a parcel of ground in section 22 of Fairfield township from A-1 to R-2. This parcel is the eight acre wooded area of an established acreage. The owners of the property wish to divide this parcel into four residential lots. The Planning and Zoning Commission, believing the wooded area having no value, approved this application.


They rejected the concerns of neighbors and adjacent farm operators in introducing four new residences in this small area. They are establishing an eight acre R-2 Zone in the middle of an A-1 Zone. They failed to recognize the protection of the A-1 classification gives to the surrounding farm ground. I believe this will set a dangerous precedent if the supervisors agree and approve this rezoning request.


Any acreage with more than four non-crop acres would be eligible for subdivision into two acre residential lots. It creates the potential for residential subdivisions scattered throughout the county. If such an outcome also concerns you, please contact your supervisor to reject this rezoning request.