Rash gets prison but avoids felony conviction in police assault case

A Grundy Center man who violently resisted arrest and used Officer Justin Fox’s taser against him in October has pled guilty to three charges related to the incident but avoided a felony conviction as part of a plea deal reached on December 31.


Thirty-year-old Jeffrey Rash pled to Assault on Persons in Certain Occupations—Bodily Injury, an aggravated misdemeanor, Interference with Official Acts Inflicts Bodily Injury, an aggravated misdemeanor, and Domestic Abuse Assault—Injury or Mental Illness First Offense, a serious misdemeanor. He will spend two years in prison as part of the agreement and be required to pay a $315 fine (plus a 35 percent surcharge). The remaining $1,250 in assessed fines (plus a 35 percent surcharge) will be suspended. 


After the initial incident, which landed Fox in the hospital for rib contusions, possible hairline fractures and wall thickening of the descending colon on the right side, Rash was charged on a total of eight counts, including three felonies: Assault on Persons in Certain Occupations—Use or Display of a Weapon, Disarming a Peace Officer and Assault on Persons in Certain Occupations—Intent of Injury. 


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