Supervisors approve budget as presented

During its regular meeting on Monday morning, the Grundy County Board of Supervisors approved the county budget for fiscal year 2017 as presented with no modifications.


According to the budget projections, the county will take in a total of $16,538,239 in revenues and other transfers in, with the majority coming from intergovernmental sources ($8,237,789) and property taxes ($5,878,599). Expenditures and other transfers out for the next fiscal year, which begins on July 1, total $19,159,887, with the biggest expenses in roads and transportation ($5,039,478), capital projects ($3,800,478), public safety ($2,090,341) and administration ($2,016,416). The county will start the year with an approximate fund balance of $6,304,371 and end with a balance of $3,682,723, which is down significantly compared to the last two fiscal years. A motion to approve the budget was approved unanimously, and the salary adjustments for elected officials as previously presented were also approved. 


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