Traffic tickets down substantially in Grundy County

Robert Maharry
The Grundy Register

GRUNDY COUNTY- The COVID-19 pandemic has had at least one unexpected side effect here in Grundy County: drivers aren’t being pulled over nearly as often.


In the last two weeks, just nine traffic tickets have been issued in the county, by far the lowest numbers of the year. Prior to the pandemic, at least 30 tickets were issued per week on average between the sheriff’s office, the Grundy Center Police Department and the state patrol, and Sheriff Rick Penning attributes the drop to a convergence of factors.


He told The Grundy Register that state and federal directives and caution surrounding the virus have resulted in less travel locally, and he added that his officers are “more discreet or selective” with the current conditions.


“The smaller minor violations might be overlooked, where the more serious violations are looked at,” Penning said. “Plus, we’re busy with other matters.”


The Sheriff’s office is placing a priority on driving offenses that endanger public safety, including drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, erratic drivers and flagrant speeding. Because of the virus, most court cases have been continued until at least June.


Despite the general drop in traffic activity, there have been several recent arrests related to burglaries in the area.


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