The Way of the Cross

Phyllis Madeline, shown above, takes a turn carrying the cross during the United Methodist Church's "Way of the Cross" ceremony last Friday.

GRUNDY CENTER – Churchgoers both old and young braved the pouring rain last Friday to take part in the “Way of the Cross” ceremony, organized by Pastor Phil Dicks of the United Methodist Church of Grundy Center in honor of Good Friday.

“Back in 1987, when I was a pastor at First United Methodist Church in downtown Des Moines, we decided to make an impact – quietly - for Good Friday,” Dicks said. “Rather than asking people to come to a service in the church for Good Friday, we took the service to the people in downtown Des Moines [with our own “Way of the Cross” ceremony]. People paused and remembered. Some were thankful, and others simply stopped from the busyness of life and came back to reality with a message of hope, and a calling to do good in a world that needs all the light and hope possible.”

Dicks said the event was so special, he wanted to bring it to Grundy Center so people would be reminded of what Good Friday and Easter Sunday is all about.

Despite the pouring rain, dedicated community members dispatched to downtown Grundy Center, where they took turns carrying the cross around town - including one elderly church-goer, Phyllis Madeline.

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